List of Local Frequencies - PDF

All Putnam County ARES members need to have the first 8 frequencies programmedinto all the radios your going to use for ARES related functions.

List of Local Frequencies - Chirp - CSV File

This is a CSV file for using with radio programming software such as Chirp.(When the new page opens click on Download there is NO preview)

TYT MD-380/390 Code Plug for Putnam County

Should be able to open up with MD-380/390, MD-UV380/390 and MD-2017 CPS

TYT MD-2017 Code Plug for Putnam County

TYT MD-UV380/390 Code Plug For Putnam County

Anytone D868UVE Code Plug for Putnam County - CPS1.40 - Band 1

Anytone D868 Code Plug using version 1.40 CPS

Anytone D878UV Code Plug for Putnam County - CPS1.24 - Band Commercial_000008

Anytone D878 Code Plug using version 1.24 CPS