Cookeville Repeater VE Team

A Laurel VEC Team

FREE Amateur Radio Testing

Pre-Registration Preferred. Thank You.

Link to Pre-Register for a Test and acquire an FRN toward the bottom of the page.

FRN (FCC Registration Number) and Email are Required by FCC to take a test

Testing at

Gallaher Huffines Community Room

1 Stonecom Way, Cookeville, TN 38501

Please call or email if you need special assistance so we can accommodate your need.

If you have never been licensed please have a picture ID with you.

If you have never been licensed and don't have an FRN please Obtain an FRN.

You can do so by following the document in the "Useful Documents" page called "Obtaining An FRN".

If upgrading have your picture ID & Ham license with you.

Registration starts at 5:45pm

Testing starts at 6:00pm

If you have a Special Need Please contact us and let us know your need. Thank you.

Social Security Number are no longer allowed, so we require an FRN (Link Below)


Dale Miller, KC2CBD or Brenda Miller, KC4CBD

931-432-2537 or

Carl Johnson, NC4RL


Testing for 2024 will be:

2024 Calendar Days PDF

If your taking a class at the Tennessee Health Department please go here to Pre-Register.

You will need an FRN if your not already an Amateur Radio Operator or have some other FCC License to take your first test at our Testing Sessions.

Special Assistance (Needs) include Large Print, having a test read to you, etc.

Team Leader: Dale Miller, KC2CBD

Deputy Team Leader: Carl Johnson, NC4RL